Our Bioengineering and Landscaping department works on the planning and execution of environmental projects that typically belong to the realm of bioengineering and environmental restoration or gardening, or more advanced landscaping techniques, such as urban naturalisation. In the beginning, the company Projar commercialised products for gardening and environmental restoration. With time, it became necessary to have the support of a team to install its products. Subsequently, as techniques progressed and became more complex, the technical office came into being, from which a team of Engineers offered consultancy services to clients and planned projects for execution. In 2010, the Engineering division came into being and the Projar Engineering team was expanded. This allowed the company to grow and gain access to larger projects. In 2012, the acquisition of Paimed, a company highly specialised in the execution of bioengineering and gardening projects, allowed us to expand our capacity for project implementation and work on our specialisation in urban naturalisation. At present, after having focussed much of our efforts on technical innovation, unique projects, and significant technical development, we are known as being one of the leading companies specialising in projects involving green roofs, phytopurification, and vertical gardening in Spain.


Our warehouses have set themselves up as the most significant purchasing network on the Iberian Peninsula for producers of ornamental plants. For more than 30 years, we have been engaged in the commercialisation of products for growing crops, importing leading brands, such as Desch or Kekkilä, and many companies on the Iberian Peninsula and in Morocco come to us to find supplies of plant pots, trainers, agrotextiles, fertilisers, measuring instruments, material for transporting plants, labels, and more.


There are more specific gardening products among our product range as well, such as stakes, toolbelts, tree supports, anchors, tree protectors, garden composts, enclosures, borders, waterproofing and drainage materials, and more. Our clients are gardening and construction companies for whom our supply capacity and our variety of products, as well as our being distributors for leading brands, are fundamental for their day-to-day operations.


We commercialise products for certain agricultural sectors, such as horticultural producers, seed growers, vine growers, or some woody crops. The products that we supply to this market segment are hydroponic solutions that leverage coconut, substrates, perlite and vermiculite, composts, trainers, tree anchors, agrotextiles, tree protectors, etc. Many work cooperatives rely on us because of the quality of our products and our supply capacity. Due to our national network, we have a significant storage and logistical capability.