When Caima came into being in 2010, the environmental consultancy company of the group at that time, the technical team expanded. A group of Agronomists, Foresters, and Forest Engineers came together to form a group of professionals who specialised in providing support to constructors and private companies who needed environmental recovery and bioengineering projects. In tandem, in our Horticulture division, a consultancy service came into being given that cultivation techniques were also becoming increasingly technical. Little by little, positions were created for the technicians who advised farmers to take the plunge into hydroponic cultivation or farmers who wanted to incorporate new cultivation techniques. The international nature of this team allowed techniques from other countries to be brought on board. In this way, bit by bit, a comprehensive consultancy service was created within the group, which was no longer limited to environmental projects but could also include agronomic techniques. The Caima brand disappeared and it was integrated into the Projar group. At the present time, we offer planning of environmental projects, environmental impact studies, fertilisation plans, deployment plans for hydroponic cultivation, after-sales consultancy, and a consulting service for hydroponic solutions.


We plan landscaping project at all levels, project design as well as turnkey projects. We work for companies who work with the environment, construction, energy... ultimately, any company that is looking for the support of an environmental consultant. We know about advanced techniques for landscape recovery and urban naturalisation such that any company, whether in the environmental sector or not, can rely on us to engineer their project.


We advice plant producers and farmers regarding the deployment of technology in plant nurseries and greenhouses. We understand the requirements of cultivation, as well as the technology that is available to optimise production results, meaning that the client can perceive the value of our consultancy service. Our consultancy service in 4 countries has become the ideal option for farmers wishing to incorporate new cultivation techniques into their greenhouse or plant nursery. This service consists initially in visiting the client in order to understand their situation, drawing up a case study and proposal, support for the implementation of a solution, and then after-sales support.


We offer technical training to professionals in the sector who wish to expand their specific expertise in some of the areas in which we operate. We have provided training to technicians in the public administration, seminars regarding green roofs to construction or gardening companies, technical training about hydroponics and fertilisation techniques, and webinars about very specific issues. Currently, with the advancing digital revolution, we are sharing our expertise by means of seminars that can be attended online. However, our technicians continue travelling around Europe, Latin America, Russia, and Canada in order to teach courses and lead technical sessions.