Our Bioengineering and Landscaping department works on the planning and execution of environmental projects that typically belong to the realm of bioengineering and environmental restoration or gardening, or more advanced landscaping techniques, such as urban naturalisation. In the beginning, the company Projar commercialised products for gardening and environmental restoration. With time, it became necessary to have the support of a team to install its products. Subsequently, as techniques progressed and became more complex, the technical office came into being, from which a team of Engineers offered consultancy services to clients and planned projects for execution. In 2010, the Engineering division came into being and the Projar Engineering team was expanded. This allowed the company to grow and gain access to larger projects. In 2012, the acquisition of Paimed, a company highly specialised in the execution of bioengineering and gardening projects, allowed us to expand our capacity for project implementation and work on our specialisation in urban naturalisation. At present, after having focussed much of our efforts on technical innovation, unique projects, and significant technical development, we are known as being one of the leading companies specialising in projects involving green roofs, phytopurification, and vertical gardening in Spain.


We identify needs in the field of landscaping recovery and locate new materials, tools, or efficient techniques in order to offer them to our clients. We also devise solutions that improve current techniques or allow for improved results.

Throughout our history, we have been recognised as being a cutting-edge company, introducing bioengineering techniques that generates excellent results with respect to infrastructure or water diversion projects or in terms of integrating projects into the environment.


From our Landscaping and Environment technical office, we lead environmental projects, coordinate supplies and teams of people, and take charge of project management.

Our technical office specialises in bioengineering, environmental recovery, phytopurification, and urban naturalisation. This makes us different to other companies and provides us with a wide range of clients: constructors, engineers, and architectural offices. We are the technical support to various companies when they need to evaluate and deploy dynamic solutions.


We have a technical staff that is well trained and certified to execute works. We are also backed by special machinery and equipment in order to deploy techniques such as hydroseeding, wire mesh installation, pruning, endotherapy, etc. All of this is underpinned by our documentary and legal administration, which provides us with access to a wide range of work. To the above can be added our wide-ranging experience working with government institutions and leading constructors and engineers in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. Our clients rely on us because they know that we sufficiently prepared to take on any project.


In recent years, we have specialised in solutions relating to the recovery of green areas in urban environments. Techniques such as vertical gardening and green roofs are flourishing and, among other projects, we were part of the largest green roof project in Spain. These techniques require a great deal of multidisciplinary expertise: it is necessary to be aware of the systems available on the market, understand how the vegetation, and the substrate, will behave in various situations, be aware of which options are valid for each client, and much more. We have gained this knowledge on the one hand, thanks to experience and, on the other hand, thanks to the synergies between companies in the group.